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Anyone knows how to paint skin tone?..
it's the 4th of December and it is Saturday..i woke up in the early morning, hoping to see a better day coming..
well, it started with a request from my mum, to browse the internet for an info on ExxonMobil company..did it, and took my regular saxophone lesson..
it started awkwardly..and ended just like it begun; awkward
i ate my breakfast then my old man started to speak..
well, he told me about motivation on taking saxophone lesson blah blah blah..i GOT THE POINT.
i don't have any passion anymore on saxophone, i guess i am just dreaming to be able to play one well..after a few (LONG) minutes, i decide to paint Hugh Jackman..
before i even start to make a single line with my pen, my old man shouted he is talking about my insurance..he told me that "I told you to change it into a regular transfer"
i said i did..and well, he still nag about so many things i can't remember all..what i'm trying to say is, hey, yelling and shouting just don't work on me..
i will transfer it today at 12, then that is it!...let's hope, the insurance transfer type changed (as it should be), and then there will be no problem..late paying will not be a problem anymore..
this awkward morning "talking" kills my desire to to's not even 11 am yet!
and now, i have lost all my passion to do anything..i will just transfer the damn money, take another money from a client, then go home, sketch some tree and leave for my college assignment, and sleep..may be a little tv in the afternoon, then another sleep..hope for a slightly better Saturday....
i know this si not a Blog website..but this is the only site where i can be myself..among fellow artist like me..
so i like this girl..i just want to be her friend, at feeling at all..but today, i conclude that she is with someone else...well, she is young..only 15 years old..she once told me that she won't be dating anyone..well, i now know it is not believable..
to much watching Lie to Me, NCIS, and Criminal Minds really changed the way i see things..i analyze things after i heard it..connect it with more datas and other info, then make a conclusion..despite it is true or not, i now become someone who has a difficulty to trust people..i always verify if were told something...
but now, i am to afraid to verify..i am afraid she'll broke my heart..

however, i quickly realize that i am not supposed to do this..i remember Clark Kent, he never stays on his problems and misery..he gets up and face it like a (super)man...
he is the one i want to be like.. i realized that she is not worthy enough to fight for..
from now on, i will only focus on my life and my art..girls are not wirthy enough to fight for (at least for now)..

now it's only me, and my more girls around..
lock my heart, i'll enter the training phase, to be as strong as steel..
i will  build my art skill even better without any girls interfering, i will build my body (yeah, bodybuilding) to make my body and mind healthier without any girl around my head..

it's only and my fortress of solitude state of mind...
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Hey guys..I've been a deviant for several months, but still dont know what is "watchers" or "followers"..would someone please tell me?...
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